TV system

Your Hotel TV plays a far more vital role than merely streaming high-definition TV channels and images. It is an important digital touchpoint to embrace and pamper your guests. Our team is highly experienced in putting together customised TV and information solutions that is uniquely tailored for your hotel. Through any medium or device you desire, we will help you to indulge your guests in delightful entertainment and provide beneficial information.

Hotel Benefits

Upsell your services

Everything can be conveniently purchased with a click of a button. The built-in virtual shop enables you to upsell products from your souvenir shops, spa services and your special or seasonal promotions. Electronic advertising has been proven to be able to generate higher sales than that of traditionally printed advertising materials.

Increase in-room dining sales

APTAVIS system enriches the guest dining experience. This added convenience helps to raise in-room dining sales. Sumptuous room service meal orders or even a perfect chilled bottle of champagne are all available to your guests via TV screen with a simple click of a button.

Visualize your offerings

APTAVIS system provides guests with comprehensive, up-to-date and visual information which is limited only by your imagination! You can easily make changes to the design, range of products, language options and prices in real-time without impacting your guests’ use of the service.

Saving costs

All hardcopy information and images that are traditionally printed and placed in the guestroom compendiums are now digitised. Digitalisation ensures that the information presented are the most updated, saving not only significant printing costs but also the environment.

Generate additional revenue

Besides enhancing your customer service experience, APTAVIS system gives you the ideal opportunity to promote and enhance awareness of your facilities, retail space and partner’s services which would generate additional revenue for your hotel.

Real-time analytics

We will help you to have a real-time visibility and understanding on what information your guests are most interested in, which services are most used and even how long your guests spend using the APTAVIS system.

The Questionnaire module

Allows you to get a deeper understanding and a comprehensive analysis of your guests’ needs in order to instantly and continuously increase your guest satisfaction level.

Automation of processes

Cost-savings avenue in terms of reducing the number of staff needed in concierge and call centres. Your guest’s direct issues will be handled by the IPTV system.

Guest Benefits

Ordering hotel services

Guests can make the most out of their stay simply through utilising the in-room TV. APTAVIS system brings all relevant information to your guests’ fingertips. The TV screen allows access to view dining menus, order room service, reserve a table at the restaurant, book spa treatments and explore your hotel.

Local area information

An interactive map integrated with specially curated information on local attractions. Designed with your guests’ needs in mind, we recommend places of interests, bars, restaurants, clubs, beaches and so on. You will help your guests to save time and maximise their enjoyment.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring by APTAVIS system enables guests to mirror his/her devices on the TV and push content to truly bring home-away-from-home experience to his/her room with HD video and sound quality.

Multi-lingual support

We always strive to enhance communication between you and your guests. This is where our built-in multiple language support can play a part to remove language barriers and bringing your guests closer to you.

Built-in messenger

Allow your guests to communicate with hotel staff and even with managers directly, and vice versa. APTAVIS system guarantees that you will have the most genuine feedback and accurate suggestions from your guests.

Integration with PMS

Guests will be able to view their bill, request for a wake-up call, write or receive messages and also do an express checkout.

Hospitality TV

SAMSUNG’s innovative hospitality display offers new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage with their guests while improving their own operational efficiency. APTAVIS provide customised integrated solutions for our clients, starting from back-end system, middleware and front-end system. Our high competency has made us become the first-choice company in Indonesia who had won the trust of SAMSUNG Indonesia to develop advanced IPTV middleware system for SAMSUNG Hospitality TV.


Consumer TV

If your hotel has already used one of the consumer TV brands below, and you don’t intend to convert to hospitality standard TV any time soon, APTAVIS has a simple solution for you: A high quality Set-Top Box (STB) using only a single remote to control both your TV and STB.