IPTV Mobile

IPTV mobile allows you to use IPTV with your smartphone, without disturbing the IPTV function on the TV. So you can freely order food, etc. without having to interfere with the excitement of watching a movie on TV



iOS and Android

APTAVIS works both on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Easy installation

Guests can easily install APTAVIS Mobile by  by scanning a QR code on the Hotel TV.


guest can use his own mobile phone  without downloading any applications to remote the TV

Multi-lingual support 

 We always strive to enhance communication between you and your guests. This is where our built-in multiple language support can play a part to remove language barriers and bringing your guests closer to you.

Enhancing the

guest experience

More and more guests prefer to write a message or push the button rather than call the Front desk or Concierge service.

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