Up to 95% of guests are active smartphone users during their business or leisure trips, so our system are designed to seamlessly integrate into their lifestyle! APTAVIS IPTV has a mobile application module system to enhance communication and generate revenue opportunities. After downloading and installing the application, your guests can use and request hotel services directly from their mobile phones without the need to call or ask for reception. The application is suitable for most platform types including iOS and Android, including the latest and earlier versions.



APTAVIS Mobile system also works in an offline mode. Most of the APTAVIS services work without Internet access. The application is fast, user-friendly and works without any download delays.

Creating New Revenue

Besides enhancing your customer service experience, APTAVIS system gives you the ideal opportunity to promote and upsell your facilities and partner’s services thus generating additional revenue for your hotel.

improve Revenue per Available Room

The possibility to offer personalised service in every room using your guests’ native language, and targeted content and graphics edit.

Easy to use

APTAVIS mobile application is designed and customised to make navigating the application easy, user-friendly and intuitive.

Ordering Hotel services

Through their own personal mobile device, guests will have access to a plethora of options which would conveniently enable them to make the most out of their stay.

Automation of processes

Cost-savings avenue in terms of reducing the number of staff needed in concierge and call centres. Your guest’s direct issues will be handled by the IPTV system.

Instant feedback

Allow your guests to communicate with hotel staff and even with managers directly, and vice versa. APTAVIS system guarantees that you will have the most genuine feedback and accurate suggestions from your guests.

Instantly Managed

Content and operations management is controlled through APTAVIS back-end system which allows instant content changes from any computer or even a smartphone by an appointed administrator.