Cloud IPTV

cloud video management, adaptive video encoding, live stream and content analytics for your videos on any device, anywhere

Deploying a global video streaming service that uses cutting-edge technology would normally require huge investments. Covering cost of complex network infrastructure, solution back-end servers and technical support is unaffordable for start-ups and poorly funded projects. With the help of cloud-based solution, cost of entry gets dramatically low, opening the door for almost anyone willing to become an operator of IPTV or OTT services.

Reduce Your Costs

With Cloud IPTV

To react effectively to fundamental changes in the industry and maintain your competitive position, you need to balance risk, reward, costs, and revenues. With Cloud IPTV, you’re leveraging our proprietary, end-to-end platform built upon cloud-based architecture, making the price point far more favorable to those looking to make a solid investment in their video strategy.

Cloud IPTV Features

Extensive video services

Support a wide range of video services including live, on-demand, and cloud services.

Video Management Dashboard

Target the right video services to the right consumer segment while aligning with content contracts.

Content Security Controls

Built-in security access controls for content across Cable, IPTV, and OTT devices.

Content Processing,

Storage & Distribution

Leverage a complete cloud-based processing, storage, and distribution solution for your content.

Rich User Experience

Applications available across a wide and growing range of devices from STBs, consumer devices, and mobile.

Managed Services

The IPTV Cloud team will take care of your entire solution monitoring to evolving and updating the solution on your behalf.

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